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FyrePix Photos is in the house and heating the BBQ pits up with LOS BORRACHOS BBQ CREW

Updated: Jan 23

FyrePix Photos is a proud sponsor of long-time friends and BBQ connoisseurs representing their many times over award-winning BBQ at the 2024 Austin Rodeo BBQ Cookoff!

We are excited to see the team perform and present top-notch BBQ to judges and attendees coming in from all over Texas to taste exquisite BBQ at its finest! Temperatures are FYRE hot, and meats melt, bursting with flavors that keep you wanting more! We hope to be a part of future cookoffs to capture some FYREPIX of people enjoying some FYREBBQ! GOOD LUCK TO THE CREW!

And remember to book your next photo booth with

FyrePix Photos! 

The Rodeo Austin BBQ Cookoff is a Lone Star BBQ Society Sanctioned Cook Off and features BBQ Teams from all over Texas over 200 cooking teams, hosts 40,000 attendees, and gives out over $24,000 in cash and prizes to BBQ Teams.

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