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Khaotic Seams 3rd Annual Vision Board Party, with FyreGIFs!

Updated: Jan 7

FyrePix Photos has never been to a vision board party, so I did not know what to expect. What I FOUND was a room filled with aspirational men and WOMEN! Business owners and patrons. The tables were filled with boards, clippings, scissors, and glue. Ladies were preparing to create their 2024 vision and discussing the importance of their visions. I left feeling inspired by Ms. Tiffanie Daniel, life coach, and one very particular quote: "You will never be able to manage time because time will keep going. All you can do is manage yourself with the available time." Please sign up for the next event because you don't want to miss it! See the Video highlights and excuse my video production skills I'm still learning! HAHA

Thank you for Hiring FYREPIX PHOTOS for our 1st event.

Providing a 5-star reviewed service to this fantastic group of Visionaries was a pleasure!

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