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A Big Thank You to the Tejano Music Alliance of Texas!

As a passionate Tejano music fan, I was overjoyed to attend and actively participate in the Tejano Music Alliance of Texas' most recent event. It was a privilege to provide the photo booth for their rodeo-themed celebration, and the photos came out great!

The Tejano Music Alliance is a fantastic non-profit dedicated to promoting Tejano and other Latin music and its rich cultural heritage. It was an honor to collaborate with such a passionate organization and contribute to a night filled with the sounds I love. Please offer donations to help Tejano Music Alliance offset any fees and the mission of keeping Tejano music going for generations to come.  

Hearing the live music and experiencing the decades of Tejano music covered was truly special. The energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and it was a joy to witness people coming together over their shared love for this incredible genre.

A special shoutout goes to President Tracy R. for the kind review of our services. Your positive feedback means the world to us at FyrePix Photos!

Thank you once again to the Tejano Music Alliance of Texas for the opportunity to be a part of such a meaningful event. We look forward to continuing to support your mission of preserving and promoting Tejano music for generations to come.

¡Viva la Tejano music!

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